Webtrader – the trading engine of consistency

Elite Stock Exchange Webtrader trading application puts all the trading reins in your hands. A super effective and highly consistent trading engine that lets you open and close trades in one click, customize analytical panel to your needs, follow your trading history, and use inherent terminal support to attend to your immediate trading needs. No additional installations or downloads are required. Lean against Elite Stock Exchange operational consistency to sparkle up your trading.

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MT4 trading platform

MetaTrader 4 for PC or Mac could also be used for trading activities at Elite Stock Exchange platform

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Webtrader spot-on characteristics

  • Full history of trades

  • Real-time balance level

  • Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions

  • Multi-lingual support

  • 1 click account switching

  • In-built platform support

  • Live support

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Webtrader major features

Operational functionality

Designed specifically for the web browser, Webtrader ensures fast and consistent performance with all browsers, and is characterized by high operational functionality for CFD trading operations.

Lenient execution

Four execution modes you can choose from: Instant Execution, market execution, pending, stop orders, and a trailing stop function.

Comprehensive analytics

30 technical indicators and 24 graphic objects are available for you to study and highlight the market and develop your trading strategies.

Enhanced data protection

Data encryption and digital signature ensure that the exchanged data between client terminal and the trading platform is secure and protected at the time of trading.

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